“It is to correspond to these needs [for independence] that we prepared an environment proportionate to the size and intelligence of the children, where they could work and achieve independence." - Maria Montessori

Primary classrooms that are named by Dr. Maria Montessori as the “Children’s casa”, are mixed age classrooms from the age of 3-6years. Montessori functions very differently to traditional education where larger classroom communities promote independence and social cohesion among children of different age groups (3-6 years). Older children act as role models to younger children. A Montessori Prepared Environment and the role of Montessori guides play a vital role in primary children's growth development. A Primary Casa promotes independence and self - construction that cultivate the potentialities that exist in the child so they may develop and extend their wings of exploration. Primary ages 3-6 is the most important period of life, where the power of an absorbent mind and sensitive periods, quest for functional independence. Young children take in the world through their senses, indiscriminately absorbing every detail, including those aspects that may be overlooked by adult eyes. Therefore, in our preparation of our Montessori environments, we adjust our perspective to the child’s level, seeing the world through their eyes, and offering the clearest possible impressions of order, purpose and beauty… because these are the qualities we hope to inspire.

A glimpse of a Primary environment will be filled with,

  • Prepared environment
  • Certified Montessori Guides
  • Functional independence
  • Self-Regulation and Self construction
  • Social development with the mixed age group
  • Direct and Indirect preparation for success
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Areas of development - Practical life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Cultural & Art
  • Concentration – Repetition – Self Perfection
  • Exactness and Precision
  • Process oriented activities
  • Positive Communication