“A child’s needs are simple, and a happy childhood needs only simple surroundings. ” - Maria Montessori

Our Toddler program focuses on a child's developmental needs for independence, intellectual growth, exploration, socialization, and a loving, and supportive environment. Toddlers have freedom to work at their own pace. They will be guided and supported towards preparing themselves towards joining a Primary casa. This is the most critical time of development where children move toward physical independence with activities that revolve around self-care such as dressing, eating, toileting, and language acquisition through conversation and learning all kinds of vocabulary around the world. Major developmental components of the toddler classroom will be the focus on gross & fine motor skills, language, practical life, Sensorial & concept development that help toddlers to be functionally independent and achieve the goals of life skills. Toilet learning is another important component of the toddler classroom, providing great confidence and self - construction.